Petroff Law Firm, P.C. provides clients with legal representation in range of real estate matters, with a particular focus on mortgage modification, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, and consumer protection.

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Petroff Law Firm has the best Foreclosure Defense Lawyers to fight against banks, investors, and servicing companies that will attempt to take your home. We fight foreclosure complaints in foreclosure actions in all of New York counties.

“The best defense is a good offense.”  Before your lender files foreclosure complaint take the proactive step of home loan modification.
Our Mortgage Modification Lawyers will qualify you for the best loan modification.

At times, Mortgage Relief Lawyers at Petroff Law Firm, will strongly object to proposed "forbearance" agreement if they contain no guarantees of permanent loan modification. Such agreements are typically used to provide temporary mortgage relief to homeowners.

There are many different types of bankruptcy options that Petroff Law Firm offers to our clients. The first and the most important question that experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Petroff Law Firm will answer is "Whether Bankruptcy Is Needed?"

The attorneys at the Petroff Law Firm help individuals and families throughout the State of New York who have been denied mortgage modification, served with an action for foreclosure, have been victimized by unscrupulous collection agencies, or need to seek protection of the bankruptcy code.
Petroff Law Firm has worked with several banks on behalf of our clients. To see how we have helped our clients stay in their homes and save money, follow the links for the various banks to view assorted final modification documents and letters.
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